Drive Colocation Slot Hosting

Slot Hosting Services

Our Drive Colocation Hosting service allows for complete dedicated resources without the need of your own dedicated server.

The virtualization is powered by KVM, both the CPU core & memory will be dedicated to you only. Unlike a regular VPS, your storage space is not shared. Your service's storage is loaded onto your own physical drive.

Just choose your desired disk size and start enjoying complete hosting freedom.

Dedicated Slot Hosting
  • 1 x CPU Core (2.9Ghz)
  • 4GB Physical Memory
  • 500GB Data Transfer
  • 100Mbps Port
  • 1 IP
  • FREE OS Reload
  • Console Access

Drive Colocation Hosting Overview

Do you offer money back guarantee?
Unfortunately, slot hosting is non-refundable.
Is there any contract involved?
Our service is free of contract, you can cancel at any time you want. Slot hosting is billed by semi-annually or annually.
What currency do you charge in?
All prices are shown in US Dollar.
How does the drive warranty work?
Since the drive is purchased for you, the drive will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. If your drive happens to fail within the first 6 months of service, we will provide free handling ($30) + you pay shipping for the warranty exchange. If your drive fails after the 6th month of service, we will charge handling ($30) + shipping for the warranty exchange.
What happens to my service during my warranty exchange?
We will pause your hosting service for up to one month until your drive is returned to us and plugged back into our server.
I want to cancel, can I get my drive back?
Yes, we will gladly return the drive back to you. We charge a standard handling fee of $30 + shipping (to your destination). Note we will only use trackable mail for shipping.
Can I send you my drive to use with your service?
Unfortunately, we do not accept custom drives at the present time.
How long is the setup time?
We install new drives on the nearest Friday or Saturday.
Anything else I should know about your slot hosting service?
Due to the nature of physical insertion of drives. You will experience a brief downtime during a new drive insertion. We will send a maintenance notification at least 24 hours in advance for the next drive insertion maintenance period.
I want two drives hooked up to one service, is that possible?
Absolutely, just send out sales team a message and we'll get you setup. Contact Form

Not Sure Which Plan is Right For You?

Why not send us an email or give us a call! We will do our best to help you choose the right hosting plan.