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Looking for a way to help out your hosting bills? With our acclaimed affiliate program, you can earn money while hosting with us!

How does it work

Affiliation is easy! All you have to do is place your unique link which identifies you as an affiliate on your website. Whenever somebody sign up for web hosting from us through this unique link. Our affiliate system will automatically track the new order and count towards to your account. Once your account has reach our Payout Threshold, you will be automatically notified and payment will be send to your Paypal account or as a credit to your hosting account.

What is the amount for the Payout Threshold?

The amount is currently set at $35USD. No payments will be made until this threshold have been reached.

How much do I make per affiliation?

You will earn up to 15% of that sale. Let say a new order is placed and the amount of the order is $5USD. That means you will earn 15% of $5, which is $0.75. So that means the more orders you refer, the faster you will get your payout!

What if a new order was placed but the customer left my affiliate link but then revisit your site to sign up?

Unfortunately, the affiliate system cannot track the user once it has left the site. What you can do is get the customer to email us that he/she has been referred by you. After we received the email from the customer, we will be happy to add that sales to your affiliate account.

How do I track my referral?

Once your affiliate account has been opened. You will have instant access to our Customer Dashboard. Within the dashboard you will be able to track you sales in real-time.

Do I get commission from recurring sales as well?

Yes! you will get the 15% every time that recurring sale is paid for.

Is this a gimmick?

Absolutely not! We have clients receiving hosting from us without paying a single dime!

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