RTMP/RTSP & HLS Streaming (Audio + Video)

Our streaming plans

RTMP & HLS allow you to be able to stream and broadcast with ease. Our service will enable you to provide seamless audio and video experience to your users on your website or mobile app. You can even stream live content from your DJI drone or GoPro cameras!

We offer 2 flavors (Live Stream and Video on Demand) of RTMP streaming for you to choose from. With Live Stream you will be able to connect your application to our RTMP server to offer live broadcast of your video and/or audio feed. Applications such as a live webcam and security cam feed would require our Live Stream RTMP hosting. If your site offer static video/audio content then our VOD (Video on Demand) RTMP streaming would be for you.

Both plans are pay as you go. Which means you can increase or decrease your plan specs whenever you need.

Monetizing your Videos with our Video Paywall Module Platform!

Bundle our Live Streaming service with our exclusive WHMCS Streaming Paywall Module, you can start your own Video Memebership site within hours! Sell monthly recurring Memberships or one time Live Events with ease.

With the platform WHMCS, you don't need to rely on 3rd party that may have restriction on your content. You can sell whatever video you want with our module.

There is no easiest way to monetize your videos.

For more information about the module, please use the contact form to send us an inquriy.

Sample VOD HLS Streaming

Live Streaming
  • RTMP & HLS (SSL) Connections
  • Up to 512Kbps bitrate
  • Unmetered bandwidth usage
  • 5 concurrent slot (Configurable)
  • Desktop & Mobile device ready with live transcoder
  • No disk space
  • No FTP access
  • One time $25 setup fee Free for limited time!
Video on Demand
  • RTMP & HLS (SSL) Connections
  • Up to 512Kbps bitrate
  • Unmetered bandwidth usage
  • 5 concurrent slot (Configurable)
  • Desktop & Mobile device ready
  • 1GB disk space
  • FTP access
  • One time $25 setup fee Free for limited time!

Streaming Overview

Do you offer money back guarantee?
Unfortunately, we do not offer refund guarantee on our streaming hosting
Is there any contract involved?
Our service is free of contract, you can cancel at any time you want.
What currency do you charge in?
All prices are shown in US Dollar.
How many channels can I host per account?
You can have as many channels as you want to create for the account/application. You are bounded by the amount of concurrent slot for the application.
How does the Live stream service work?
With Live streaming, you are provided with a publishing URL and credentials. You will set those publiching settings into your streaming broadcasting software (OBS, xSplit, Adobe Media Encoder, etc). Once set, you can start broadcasting immediately from the software. Your viewer can view your broadcast from the viewing URL.
What is the concurrent slot?
The concurrent connection is the number of simultaneous viewers can watch your stream. If your live stream plan has 20 concurrent slot limit, then up to 20 viewing streams can be opened at the same time.
What do I get with the service?
You will be provided with a RTMP and HLS URL which your live or VOD content will be on. To play these URL, you will need to integrate them to a player on your website or mobile app. Such as JWPlayer, Flowplayer, etc. You can also use VLC to play them.
How many location do you have?
We currently have two different location for you to choose from to broadcast your stream.
How does the Video on Demand service work?
With the Video on Demand service, you can upload your videos onto our server using the FTP account provided. Once the video file is on our server, your viewers can watch the videos on demand anytime they want.
What happens when I reach my concurrent slot limit?
Your stream will continue to broadcast. However, new viewers will not be able to connect and view your stream until a connection slot is free.
Your plans don't fit my situation, could you provide me a customized plan?
Just send us a message and we will try our best to accomdandate.
I require a dedicated solution, can you provide one?
Absolutely! We provide managed streaming solutions to many companies. Just send us a message!

Not Sure Which Plan is Right For You?

Why not send us an email or give us a call! We will do our best to help you choose the right hosting plan.